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Wicked’ works its own magic By Michael Eck

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A review of Wicked from Proctors in Schenectady


Christine Dwyer plays Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West in the national tour of “Wicked” now at Proctors through Nov. 25.

She is excellent in the role, as both actor and singer. Dwyer is lighter in tone than Marcie Dodd, who assayed the role when “Wicked” last came through in 2009. In fact, even her make-up is a shade lighter.

But it makes for a smart interpretation. There’s a real sweetness to the character in the early scenes, and by the end of Act 2 her “wickedness” seems like an intellectual choice, not just an inevitability.

Dwyer, of course, gets some of the show’s biggest numbers, and she makes them work on State Street. Friday’s “The Wizard and I” was dazzling, “No Good Deed” clicked and “Defying Gravity” almost did just that, grabbing a huge, spontaneous rush of applause.

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Review: ‘Wicked’ Stars Shine Extra Bright from WFPL Louisville

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A review of Wicked at the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts by Erin Keane.


My job is to watch a show and explain how and why it works (or fails). I can’t exactly explain why Dwyer and de Waal are so compelling as Elphaba and Galinda, but they are. Maybe it’s because both actresses bring to light the traits Elphaba and Galinda share – ambition, intelligence, wit, fierce loyalty – and downplay their superficial differences in a subtle but very effective manner. But it’s also in how they manage to turn the tables on their expected significant characteristics. Dwyer’s thousand-watt grin is simply dazzling, while de Waal’s eyes brim with soul and unrealized yearning for meaning and purpose.

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